1. Unwrap your tattoo after 2-8 hours (Longer for tattoos with large areas of solid black or color saturation.

  2. Gently wash your new tattoo twice a day using only your fingers, warm water, and a gentle non scented soap. I recommend Pears Transparent Soap. Most grocery stores carry this soap for $3 (* Showers only – no baths, hot tubs, pools, lakes, rivers etc)

  3. Apply a thin layer of unscented lotion to your new tattoo twice a day. Insuring the tattoo is dry before applying lotion. I recommend something basic like Unscented Lubriderm, also available for cheap in most grocery stores.

  4. Flaking skin is a guarantee, sometimes minor scabbing. Never pick, let the skin fall off naturally or you will find scarring in your tattoo later on!

  5. Always protect your healing tattoo from gym equipment, pets, chlorine, hot water. USE SUNSCREEN ONLY AFTER HEALING, but sunscreen regularly afterwards.

  • most of my clients experience a very easy time healing, in less than 2 weeks.